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Time to get to work in summer 2017 – Sponsored by Front Range Recreation

This story is sponsored by Front Range Recreation

With only a few weeks left until summer, a lot of students are sitting in their desks at school wondering what the summer of 2017 has in store for them. With over a month and half of summer, there are a lot of different ways for high schoolers to use their time. From lounging to working – it seems that some ways are more fun and rewarding than others.

After two semesters of hard work in school, often picking up a job seems to be the last thing on students’ minds. However, students with summer jobs seem think otherwise.

“I wanted to start saving for a car and it gave me something to do over the summer,” said senior Katie Roskam, a Pirates Cove employee.

Working students like Roskam look forward to their summers just like any other high schooler. For one, they are eager to return to their family of co-workers.

“We’re almost like a family because we spend so much time together and some of the friendships that I’ve made there I’ll have for a very long time,” said Roskam.

Life-long friendships is only one of the many benefits summer jobs have for a high school student. Having a job gives you invaluable experience for later on in life that can give students the upper hand as they take on life beyond high school.

“I’ve grown so much by having that job, I’ve learned customer service skills that I can use in jobs that I have later on, and life skills that I may need at some point,” said Roskam.

Pursuing a summer job in high school has proved to be nothing but a rewarding and great opportunity for high schoolers.

“I think people should definitely get summer jobs because it’s a great way to pass time and depending on when you work you still have plenty of time for fun,” said senior Madi Deter.


If you are looking for a job this summer, Front Range Recreation is looking for qualified and hardworking lifeguards! Contact Eli Schlagel at 303-617-022 for more information!