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Baseball narrowly loses to Golden, 10-11

Yesterday afternoon starting at 4pm, baseball played a tough game against Golden. The lead traded off multiple times and LHS even had a two-out rally going for them in the last inning. The boys showed lots of talent and strength during the game, but in the end, they just barely lost, 10-11.

“I felt that we had a great chance of going in there and taking care of business, getting the win. Unfortunately, things didn’t go our way. And that’s baseball. Baseball is one of those games where you go in, you don’t know what’s going to happen and you have to play until the last out is made. That’s the great thing about baseball,” said assistant varsity coach Josh Cox.

Littleton started off very strong and scored the first run of the game in the first inning. Golden then scored once in the second inning, while Littleton scored two runs. Golden had a strong third inning, scoring four runs. In the fourth inning, Littleton scored another run, and in the fifth inning, both teams scored. By the time the game reached inning seven,the score was 8-7, Littleton.

Unfortunately, the last inning was extremely intense with Golden scoring four runs. This meant Littleton was down 8-11. Nick Caswell started off a hitting streak while there were two outs against Littleton. Sam Kail continued this streak, along with a couple other guys. This helped us score two more runs. Littleton was extremely close to winning, but unfortunately, did not quite get that last run.

“Our boys battled. The guys worked hard.They could’ve given up when they were down 8-11, going into the seventh inning, but they didn’t,” said Cox.

As far as making it to the playoffs, the boys are waiting to hear the final rankings. The boys will for sure know by Wednesday if they made playoffs or not.

“The goal is to go to the state championship and compete as long as you can. We’re going to go back at it Monday like we are in the playoffs, and we’re just going to work, work, work,” said Cox.

If the boys do make it to the playoffs, their next game will be on Saturday. Going to the playoffs would be great, but regardless, they boys had a good season and improved a lot.

Sophomore Christian Sapakoff leads the game off to a good beginning as the starting pitcher.

Sophomore Grant Foster concentrates hard in the outfield.


Senior Max Fidler pitches final innings.

Coach rounds up the team for a meeting during the seventh inning.

Senior Sam Kail gets a solid hit, causing an RBI in the last inning.