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Littleton High School Mountain Bike Team Information

The Littleton High School Mountain Bike Team is part of the Colorado High School Cycling League which is governed by the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA).  The League serves students in Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico by providing students with  mountain biking opportunities with the goal of building strong minds, bodies, and character one pedal stroke at a time.

While the Colorado League was created in 2010, a team of student riders from Littleton Public Schools was started in 2014 as a Composite Team, consisting of student riders from Heritage, Arapahoe, Cherry Creek, and Mullen High Schools.  In 2015, LHS added its first rider to the team.  By 2016, LHS had two riders on the composite team and 2017 will be the first year where LHS has its own scoring team.

The Littleton High School MTB relies strongly on its own individual sponsors, NICA Sponsors, and volunteers. The specific sponsors for the LHS Team is Pedal, Inspired Training Center, Inspire Orthodontics, and The Barfly. There is also a long list of sponsors on the NICA website, consisting of bike shops all over colorado.

These sponsors are in place to provide help to all students, and make programs like the Littleton High School MTB accessible to everyone. The supporting bike shops all over Colorado offer discounts to students looking to purchase bikes or other needed equipment.

Also, the NICA offers scholarships to offset expenses directly related to participation in the Colorado League activities, and they try to give out as much help as possible.


Some scholarships are:

Coach Summit Scholarship Application – Deadline April 1st

Coach – General Scholarship Application – Deadline August 15th

Student-Athlete Scholarship Application – Deadline August 15th

Team Scholarship Application – Deadline August 15th

2nd Chance Fund Scholarship — Deadline August 15th

The season officially begins on August 1st, and the team is excited to see what they will do as their first year as a scoring team.


For more information, contact:

  • Coach Sue Lloyd at (303) 263-4967 or Littletonmtb@gmail.com
  • LHS Sponsor Mike Montgomery at (303) 347-7744