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Doubles team Dufrene and Hildreth take on state

This Friday, the Colorado State tennis tournament took place in Pueblo City Park. Littleton High School proudly qualified the three doubles team of seniors Rachel Hildreth and Shane Dufrene. The players were thrilled with their success just qualifying for the tournament and were excited to take on the challenge of state.

“The atmosphere was welcoming but also competitive; there were a lot of schools there, and we were the only school who brought only one team which was a little intimidating at first but we worked hard to get there so it felt really amazing that we made it there,” said senior Shane Dufrene.

Qualifying for state takes a certain drive and commitment that Hildreth and Dufrene truly showed this season. Their hard work paid off as they traveled to Pueblo City Park without any fellow Lions.

“Throughout the season we worked hard at strengthening our tennis skills as well as teamwork as doubles partners,” said Dufrene.

The team lost in their first round, but were excited to end their Littleton tennis career on such a great note.  

“I feel like Shane and I played well, but after the first set we lost our confidence and energy as we kept playing,” said senior Rachel Hildreth.

This year was the doubles team’s first year on the varsity tennis team at Littleton. Dufrene and Hildreth were doubles partners on the Junior Varsity team last year and their experience together was what made them so successful this year.

After a great weekend, the doubles team says goodbye to their time as Lions and on the varsity tennis team.

“I am so lucky to have started playing tennis at Littleton because it has taught me to be a hard worker and dedicated student that never gives up,” said Hildreth.