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IB Acting Study performs “Baggage”

On Friday, April 12, LHS’s IB Acting Study class performed a self-written play entitled “Baggage.”

It was a series of performances, consisting of four monologues by students in the class to open. Following, another group performed their collab. This type of acting is usually only touched on in this course; however, because of the students’ excitement, they decided to fully invest themselves in it and actually put on a performance.

The play was written by the students in the class, each working together to take on the difficult task of addressing heavier subjects such as depression, anxiety, bipolar depression and OCD.

The performance was structured by displaying a series of stories. It opened in a coffee shop, with an irritable barista taking orders from the struggling characters, then parting into different scenes showing the characters dealing with their problems. In the end, it wrapped up by bringing it back to the coffee shop and closed with the depressed barista accepting her illness and showing signs of hope for the future.

“We wanted to make the ending seem a little lighter and hopeful that these characters could overcome their issues,” said junior Avery Zieper.

The issues each character had were shown through other characters following them around and acting as the voices in their head. They never left their side, representing the difficulty of overcoming these issues.

“In some scenes, the character would try to leave and get rid of their illness, and the person playing the voice in their head would respond saying they’ll always be there. We wanted to do this so we could show how difficult it is for people to get through these issues,” said Zieper.

Touching on the subjects people find difficult to talk about, it related to the audience better in order to evoke sad emotions within them.

“We were hoping the audience would understand the problems some people deal with everyday. Hopefully, it will make people more aware of their actions because they never know what someone could be dealing with,” said Zieper.

Next year, the class is planning on extending their collab and will put on another performance that will be less “watered down.” They are planning on tackling the topics of purgatory and hell.