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Ducklings splash into LHS

It is hard to NOT know about the our little feathery friends who’ve made the week a lot more interesting. These ducklings have been on everyone’s minds for the past week ever since they made their surprise appearance, and they’ve just about made it onto every Snapchat story in the student body.

“I saw on Snapchat that they were there in the courtyard,” said sophomore Brookelyn Royester. “I thought they were really cute.”

The family, dubbed “The Paddlings” by LHS, has about 10 little ducklings in all and their mother has been working very hard to keep her kiddos in alive and well. Nobody knows where the father has been but it was speculated that he was on an errand run.

But the beloved Paddlings won’t be there this Monday. The Paddlings will be relocated to a safer environment in which their future won’t be as dreadful as the one in the courtyard. Ducklings have been born in the courtyard before, but they’ve faced a much different fate, which is not very cute. The last batch starved because the courtyard, though loving and welcoming, was not a suitable habitat for the up and coming generation of pond dwellers.

To give the best possible chance for our friends, Mr. Chandler’s wife will be moving them back to nature where they belong.

“I’m sad [they’re gone] but I’m glad they’re safe,” said Royester.

So in spirit of the Paddling family, we wish you the best of luck on making it to the big league. And with one last hurrah: Patrick, Henry, Suzie, Lynn, Daisy, Lucy, Billy, Amelia, Ollie, Chester, Bean and of course the best mom in the world Judy, thanks for uniting the student body and all the staff members and reminding us that sometimes life can always be surprising in the best of ways.

Waddle on, Paddlings!