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Boys’ tennis triumphs over Denver South

Today, the boys’ tennis team competed in their first home match against Denver South and ended with a win on every court. What a great start to the season!

Number two singles, senior captain Ben Morris, and three singles, senior Duke Hindman, both won 6-0, 6-0. Though they had a solid win, their opponents still played hard and made the boys work for every point.

Being the first match, the team showed incredible amounts of spirit, contributing to their win.

“I think our team succeeded not because we won point wise, but rather because everyone had a big old smile on their face and was having a good time. The spirit was not from necessarily our school, but just each other and I think that contributed to our ability to win,” said junior Ozzie Froelich.

The team played their hardest in hopes of improving their game, but also enjoyed the atmosphere of the match.

“Whether it was my partner Matt or someone on the sidelines, I would just see them and it would inspire me to succeed and have fun in hopes that it would make them succeed and have fun, too,” said Froelich.

Coach Jennah Hughes is looking forward to the rest of season. After this first match, Hughes sees potential for success over the course of the season.

“We have a lot of talent this year, with a strong group of returners and a lot of incoming freshman. We definitely have the opportunity to go far this year,” said Hughes.

The team will work together to improve their cohesion with each other and their skills before the next match.

“We’re going to work on our net game, like poaching more at the net and finding the openings with our volleys,” said Hughes.

The varsity positions have yet to be determined, but this match will provide some insight into partners and ranking.

Come support the boys at their next home match on August 29th against Thornton!

Junior Sam Glaser follows through to serve the ball cross court.