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Taylor Swift takes aim at haters in new single

Around 10pm last night, Taylor Swift almost broke the internet. Why, might you ask? Well, unless you have been living under a rock(or a place with poor WiFi), then you would be aware Swift just released her new single. “Look What You Made Me Do” has come out almost three years after her last album. It has left me stunned.

After deleting her social media last week and sparking intrigue, she released videos of snakes on her Instagram this past Monday. The significance? The brand new single and upcoming album, “Reputation”,  set to release November 10. Swift’s brilliancy of deleting her social media and giving just a day’s notice for her single, sent many into a frenzy. It gave her fans an enormous amount of anticipation and excitement for her new music. Kudos to Swift and her marketing team, as it looks to be a successful marketing ploy.

Swift has been absent from the music scene for a few years, but not out of the spotlight. Her tumultuous relationships/breakups have been well-chronicled by the media. This will probably always be the case for Swift, but a new topic of interest has popped up on the media’s radar recently. Professional and personal feuds(or “Bad Blood”) and the drama of being Taylor Swift has controlled headlines.

From all indications, Swift seems to be a caring, nice person. She is adored by her fans and treats them accordingly. Despite this, people are quick to hate on her. The most infamous incident was at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards with Kanye West. The assumption was they had both moved on. However, West released a song that included demeaning lyrics towards her. What followed was released footage, via Kim Kardashian, that showed Swift approving of the lyrics.  Clearly, this incident has many layers and mixed messages to it. In addition to all of this, there is the well-publicized rift between her and Katy Perry. Finally, the lawsuit and trial involving a local DJ which was recently ruled in Swift’s favor.

This new vindictive single that includes the lyric, “The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ‘Cause she’s dead!”, depicts a different Swift. She is taking aim at a person(s) who have done her wrong. I recommend you take a listen for yourself and we should all buckle up for the rest of the album come November. From this tiny preview alone, it should be epic.