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XC competes at first meet of season

This Saturday morning, our cross country runners got up bright and early to compete at their first meet at the D’Evelyn Dash at D’Evelyn high school. The runners competed against athletes from 14 other schools. The team has many new runners this season, and for them this was a new and intimidating experience.

The LHS boys’ team waiting behind the start line before their race.          PC: Olivia Graham

“It went pretty well. I was trying to get maybe a better time, but it’s the first meet of the season and there is time for improvement,” said freshman Chloe Kalahar.

Our girls’ team took 10th place and the boys’ took 12th. It was a hot day for a race, but the runners pulled through to achieve a good start to their season.

Senior Addi Iken made LHS proud when she won the Division 1 girls’ race with a time of 19:07.

Iken pushes through a tough section of the race. Photo courtesy of Karina Graham.

“It felt so good to race again after putting in lots of training over the summer. I just wanted to go out there and have fun and do my best,” said Iken.

The team experienced a growth in numbers this season with a large number of freshmen joining the team. This added a new dynamic to the team, along with new opportunities for growth, bonding and improvement for the whole team.

“We got a lot of new runners of different grades and speeds, and I think that has made the team stronger,” said junior Patrick Hayes.

Team support can be a big factor in success for some members of the team, and our runners have really made an effort to be supportive of their new teammates.

“I don’t have that great of self motivation, to be honest, but the team is so supportive and really stand by your side and help you get better. I don’t think I would have improved this much since the beginning of summer without them,” said Kalahar.

The first meet was a success, and despite their small number of athletes and large number of new runners, the team still managed to place well.

“We had a lot of new freshmen join the team this year, so it was awesome to see them finishing their first race and feeling proud of themselves. I am super pumped to see what the rest of the season brings both as a team and as individuals,” said Iken.

Overall, the runners had a great meet this weekend which showcased the new and old talented athletes on the team and the stamina that they will need for the rest of the season.