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Soccer ties 1-1 in season opener

Last Thursday night, boys’ soccer competed against the Silver Creek Raptors in an intense 1-1 game.

Initially, Silver Creek scored the first point- with only about 10 minutes left in the first half- a point the Lions were totally capable of blocking.

“I think we’re all a bit disappointed that it took us a while to warm up and actually get to game speed,” said senior Michael Melton.

The second half marked the point where LHS stepped up their game, making a strong team effort to stay vigilant and aggressive while taking shots. Soon scoring their first point, Melton was the one who kicked it into the goal. While LHS was willing to go into overtime, Silver Creek did not agree to continuing the game, ending the game at a tie.

“I think we really brought it to Silver Creek and everybody added to the team,” said Melton, adding “It was a great team effort to come back from a 0-1 deficit.”

While a tied game at only one point may not sound like much, this was a solid game for the lions, especially considering it was just the first real game of the season.

On a team with a lot of seniors, varsity soccer is in a good position to be building on last year’s progress.

“I think tonight coming back and tying against a very good team was a big step for this group to build on what we did last year,” said assistant varsity coach Mike Montgomery.

A number of LHS fans came out to support the team, bringing along passionate school spirit as they cheered on the team.

Chris Enzminger, LHS’s new Athletic Director was also there to see the game.

“They have a lot of talent. I’m excited to be here,” said Enzminger.