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Tennis wins all matches in second competition of season

On Tuesday afternoon, boy’s tennis handily won their second game of the season against Thornton High School, winning every single match in both doubles and singles.

This year specifically has seen an influx of new players, as well as more improvement of players from previous years.

“So far we have a surprisingly new varsity team. All of our players performed very well, and at the same time we were able to learn what we need to improve on,” said senior Ben Morris, an experienced competitive tennis player.

One such improvement that the team is looking to accomplish, in the case of doubles, is having both players work better together as partners – but this isn’t a major concern at this point.

The team is happy to be growing this year, with new talent coming in that will likely be beneficial, not just this season, but in future years to come as current freshman develop as players.

“We have a lot more boys than last year, which is promising. We’re looking to go far this year,” said coach Jennah Hughes.