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Football kicks off the season

Last night, the football season officially began as the Lions took on the Gateway Olympians. Although they didn’t start the season victorious, there was uncanny spirit and support for the team.

Right off the bat, LHS pushed the Olympians and were the first team to get points on the board via field goal.

“I think that the team came out firing, and we got off to a good start in that first drive. I think if we can keep that up through a whole game we have a chance to do something good,” said senior Nico Corradino.

The environment around the game was very spirited and positive. With the help from the cheerleaders, poms and the band, the student section was incredibly energetic.

“Despite the bad game, the crowd stayed positive and kept cheering us on, and it really just shows us as a team that we have a supporting student section. If we can get every game like that in the crowd it would be nice and raise the spirits of the team,” said Corradino.

There are many new players on the varsity team this year. Being the first game of the season, it was a learning experience for everyone and allowed the team to get a feel for each other and how to work together.

“With a new season and a lot of new players starting on varsity it is hard to adjust to the varsity level. I think that once everyone gets used to it and is ready we will be a lot better than we showed last night,” said Corradino.

With the support of the LHS community and continued hard work, the team is looking forward to their next game. They face the Golden Demons on Thursday, September 7 at home.