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The arts showcase a “Collage” of talent

On Wednesday, August 30, theaco, band, orchestra, and choir each performed a song to promote the arts program at LHS. The performance was called “Collage,” as it showcased a wide variety of artistic mediums.

Before the show, the marching band and color guard performed in front of the school as entertainment for the barbecue they had to raise money.

The show opened with a piece by theaco. They sang “Summer Lovin” from the musical “Grease.” However, the roles were flipped and the girls sang and acted as the guys, while the guys were the girls. Theaco later performed “The Lion King” in two minutes.

“None of us are that good at singing, so we wanted to make it funny,” said senior Avery Zieper.

After, there were an assortment of choir, band and orchestra performances.

The choirs that sang were Vocal Jazz, Chordially Yours, Women’s Ensemble, Manwich, Troubadours and Syrens. Also, the the band, orchestra, jazz band and theaco put on performances in between.

The purpose of the night was to welcome the LHS community to the arts program in hopes of promoting the musical talent and raise money.