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Cross country shows spirit at Warrior Invitational

On Friday afternoon, the cross country team participated in the Arapahoe Warriors Invitational at DeKoevend Park.

While other students were settling into the long weekend, the cross country team was just getting started in their second meet of the season. Littleton’s runners went up against 36 teams from all over Colorado.

“It’s pretty cool cause I’m going against people I know on other teams, so there’s a little bit of competition there,” said sophomore Hans Romaine.

Littleton runners competed well, placing 17th out of 26 in Varsity Girls, and 17th out of 27 in Varsity Boys. Senior Addi Iken placed 2nd in Varsity girls and junior Christian Sapakoff placed 24th in Varsity boys.

The has developed several ways to prepare for races, such as meditation and cheers.

“Today we did like a meditation thing. That was kind of cool. It helped us all calm down really well. I think it really helps me organize my thoughts during the race,” said junior Carien Hoogwater.

Other than meditating, the team also has several cheers to pump them up to run.

“We have like a cheer that we do right before we start, we call it the power cheer and we do it as a team,” said Hoogwater.

Junior Quinn Jones also finds one particular cheer very advantageous.

“I can’t say it on the newspaper. [The cheer is] very secret,” said Jones.

While we may never know the secret cheer, we can be sure that the LHS cross country team has great potential for this year’s season.


Junior Christopher Craig running during his race.

Senior Addi Iken warms up before the run.

Varsity girls at the starting line.

Junior Rachel Tobler pushes ahead at the start of the race.