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Soccer keeps winning streak 5-0

Boys’ soccer defeated Sheridan High School in an intense match on Saturday, coming out of the game with a strong 5-0 score.

The boys had a slow start at the beginning of the game. The weather was hovering around 87 degrees Fahrenheit, the sun beating down from above at the 12:00 pm start.

“It was fun. It was hot. The turf was burning my feet. It was like coals in my shoes,” said senior Ethan Schwarz.

But aside from the weather, the boys still managed to bring the heat all on their own. They were determined to keep their undefeated record that they have maintained since the start of the season.

Schwarz scored one goal during the game for the team. A second goal was scored by junior Omar Serrano, a third by sophomore Sebastian Garnica and two more by senior Evan Montgomery.

“I think we started off a little slow and sloppy. In the second half, we all stepped up and played a lot smarter. That led us to scoring more goals and getting more opportunities towards [the] goal,” said Serrano.

“We could play better, but I’ll take a 5-0 win any day, so it’s good,” said Montgomery.

Junior Bryan Sirner jumps up to hit the ball.

Senior Evan Montgomery races the opposing goal keeper to the ball.

Sirner fights for the ball.

Senior Lucas Ogilvie jumps up to block the opposing team from the ball.

Senior Nasr Ali Abid controls the ball.