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Captain/President Council: creating a better LHS community one leader at a time

This Wednesday, before the rest of the student body began the school day, team captains and group presidents met to learn how to become better leaders in a new group called the LHS Captain/President Council. The council is geared for student leaders in everything from athletics, to marching band and clubs, now all meeting together once per month at 7:20 am on late-start Wednesdays.

At this most recent meeting, drum majors, captains and presidents reflected upon their leadership skills, as well as how their teachers, coaches, advisors and peers saw them as leaders. Attendees also discussed who they looked up to in their lives as role models.

“I learned that not everyone has a big celebrity as someone they look up to as a leader, most people will have someone close to them,” said Senior Natalie Schoenhals, a drum major for marching band, adding how much she looked up the drum major during her freshman year. This highlights another hope for the program: for leaders to inspire others in that sport/group, thus proliferating a more supportive and collaborative student body relationship.

The council also aims to allow better communication between different sections of the school, so that different sports understands what’s going on in activities like color guard and yearbook, for example.

“It helps the leaders themselves, it helps the groups they belong to, it helps the school as a whole and then the community that we live in,” said Athletic Director Chris Enzminger.

Director Enzminger brought this concept to LHS, originally being involved with a similar kind of program at John F Kennedy High School in Denver. But Enzminger hopes and expects that LHS will turn the Captain/President Council into its own unique leadership opportunity.

“It’s going to turn into what this group wants. I just set up the system and started the conversations, and then it will be up to this group to take it in the direction they want to go,” said Enzminger.

Later this fall, Sports Psychology graduate students from Denver University will be coming in to further instruct the council’s members, adding to the list of benefits this conference has to offer.