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Homecoming dodge ball is a big hit

Today at 2:45 students began preparing for the homecoming dodge ball games. Teams from all grades came to show their spirit.

Mandy’s Angels, the Dodge Fathers, Shoosters, Peterson 2.0, 8th grade +1, Hurricane Irma, the Cobras, Mixed Basket, the Football boys, Straight out of Africa, Fresh Meat and the Big Ballers all showed their best effort in the tournament.

The audience cheered on the teams, spurred by the riveting play by play from Juniors Rose Kelly, Erin Malloy and Amanda Lisle.

After several challenging games, Fresh Meat came out on top, with Mixed Basket in 2nd, the Cobras in 3rd and Peterson 2.0 in 4th.

Tomorrow the homecoming festivities will continue on the grass soccer fields at 2:45 for Powder Puff football.

The Dodge Fathers line up before the game