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Soccer beats Pomona in 5-0 blowout

This evening, LHS varsity soccer played against Pomona High School, winning an easy five to zero.

The first half of the game started out slow, with midfielder Brandon Tellez scoring the first point. The slow start was no means a sign of bad gameplay, as they didn’t let in a single goal. They just had to start passing and putting out a little more effort in the box.

“I think we started off pretty slow, but that happens sometimes, we were too eager to score goals, we just had to calm down a little bit and do what we do in practice,” said midfielder Rueben Cervantes.

As the second half of the game began, the lions starting making some more goal action. Not 20 minutes into the first half, the team scored their second goal, and then their third, fourth and fifth goals all within six minutes of each other. LHS goalie Joe Girkin never saw much action in his box, with his teammates keeping constant pressure on Pomona’s side of the field.

“We started doing what we do in practice, we started doing what we’re looking to do in the future,” said Cervantes.

So far the Lions have won every single game of the season, the only exception being a tie with Silver Creek earlier in the season, and it is likely they have much to look forward to when playoffs roll around.  

Junior Rueben Cervantes, Senior Zach Maguire, and Junior Bryan Sirner

Senior Lucas Ogilvie

Junior Rueben Cervantes

Senior Alexis Valles

Senior Lucas Ogilvie

Senior Ethan Schwarz