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Students get their groove on at homecoming

Students showed up to school on Saturday night ready to party for the first dance of the school year.

True to the disco theme, many students arrived clad head to toe in sequins and disco attire. The decorations were bright, colorful and overall funky, and the music helped match the mood even more with a mix of current pop music and disco songs that everyone could sing along to. Some of these included the class songs that were sung at the pep assembly on Friday, such as “Mamma Mia” and “September.”

As always, the dance floor was on fire, both metaphorically and seemingly literally. Everyone seemed to be dancing and jumping around, so much so that the cafeteria was a popular and much needed reprieve to escape the heat of the gymnasium. Between songs, students could be found grabbing soda and cookies while chatting with friends to cool off. Both bodies and eardrums needed a rest from time to time.

Students cool off in the cafeteria.