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Boys’ tennis takes on Wheat Ridge

The boys’ tennis team took on Wheat Ridge in yesterday’s match. Overall, Littleton took the win, winning four games to three. The first match won was one doubles with seniors Will Dineen and Duke Hindman winning 6-1 both sets.

The first single was played by Ben Morris, who took the loss for both sets with a score of 3-6.

Senior Ben Morris focusing on the ball

Jack Fidler played the number two singles, defeated 4-6 both sets.

Freshman Owen Baxter played the third single losing 7-6 the first set and 6-1 the second set.

The Lions were declared the overall winners due to the last three matches that were doubles. One doubles junior Ozzie Froelich and junior Matt Friedlberg, won 6-1 both sets. Three doubles played by junior Andy Scott and junior Paul Schiebel also won both sets.

Junior Paul Schiebel jumping high to hit the ball.

Junior Andy Scott defending the court.

Finally, junior Sam Glaser and junior Ethan Montoya won the four doubles with a score of 6-2 the first set and 6-0 for the second.