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Cross country races at Dave Sanders Invitational

For senior Charlie Meserve, the Dave Sanders Invitational cross-country race was not just a race. It signified his comeback to his favorite sport, and the thing that gets his blood pumping more than anything.

“I had an injury at the beginning of the season and could not run, so this is my first meet back, running well. This was also my seventh time running this meet,” said Meserve.

Meserve flew off his motor scooter shortly before the start of the season and tore up his feet badly, to the point of no running. He was unable to run for a few weeks, and unable to compete for even longer. The Liberty Bell was his first meet back, but it did not go well, according to Meserve.

“[The Liberty Bell] was my first race back, and that just went incredibly average… My next race went a lot better. I was feeling better and able to push it more. I had one bad race, and then this race was my first time back at full capacity, running-wise,” said Meserve.

Meserve continued, “I hadn’t been running well for the longest time, and finally getting back and doing that again was awesome. It felt so good.”

Meserve ran in under 19 minutes, which he has only done during a 5k two other times. Not only was he back at full capacity, but he was almost better than ever.

Other members of the LHS team also ran extremely well, breaking 19 minutes alongside Meserve. All six top boy runners on the team ran in under nineteen minutes, in addition to placing quite well. Junior Christian Sapakoff placed 9th in the Division 2 Boys’ 5,000 Meter Run. In the same race, freshman Cooper Brown placed 41st, freshman Matthew Sapakoff 54th, junior Christian Olsen and sophomore Donovan Marshall 65th. Meserve placed 75th with a time of 18:58. 187 boys ran this event.

The girls also ran extremely well, with senior Addi Iken pulling second place in the girls’ 5,000 meter run, out of 156 runners, with a time of 18:49.

“The team is looking really good this year. I think running is one of the few things that, in all aspects, is just a positive thing. You go and you get this community that is just outstanding, and it’s overall just a very good thing,” said Meserve.