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Cross country wins at Littleton Invitational

This afternoon at DeKeovend Park, the LHS cross country team competed in the Littleton Lions Invitational.

In varsity boys, junior Christian Sapakoff took 3rd. Sophomore Hailey Lockhart placed 1st, and junior Rachel Tobler placed 3rd for varsity girls.

Sophomore Hailey Lockhart, who played on JV last year, has made her way to one of the top varsity girls spots this year. Today she was able to push herself even harder and won 1st place.

“I honestly didn’t think I would get first, but I did strive for it…I’ve always stayed behind a little bit, [I] haven’t really pushed myself all the way, so staying up with [my teammate] Rachel and going up from there is definitely I think how I can achieve it,” said Lockhart.

Sophomore Hailey Lockhart as she approaches the finish line

Lockhart also addressed how many students don’t fully appreciate the challenges of the sport, “Join cross country, we’ll teach you how hard it is,” said Lockhart.

The team will compete again October 7 in the Windjammer Invitational.

Junior Christian Sapakoff during the boys race.

Teammates celebrate excellent performance at meet