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Students proclaim their faith at “See You at the Pole” day

Wednesday morning at 8am, students from Littleton High School gathered around the main flag pole right outside the main entrance of the school to pray. Five students met up and spent ten minutes talking to God and praying for protection over their school and their classmates.

“It was such an intimate community where it was just five people, but it’s almost like, why would you want a million people around the pole if you could just have those five that genuinely seek and yearn for Jesus?” said sophomore Nathalia Olvera-Barajas who stood around the pole yesterday morning and prayed for Littleton High School.

Every fourth Wednesday in September marks the annual “See You at the Pole” day in which students from all around the world meet 20 minutes before school starts to pray. It is up to students to show up, as there are no adults facilitating the event. This activity has been going on for 27 years and started as an act of pronouncing one’s faith on school property.

“I think it was so crucial just because of how rocky this semester has been, through all the suicides, through all of the depression, and [it shows] what we can do for each other as a community. With Jesus, there’s just so much hope, so much hope throughout all of it, and prayer is our ultimate way to fight [the struggles],” said Olvera-Barajas.

Olvera-Barajas goes on to explain what it means to pray outside of school, a place where religion is not a prominent part of everyone’s lives.

“It in itself is just a declaration of this is how we get through all this crap; this is how we’re able to combat the ways of the enemy, the lies, all of the crap that we think actually attains us and just makes us feel horrible in reality. It’s just such a declaration of hope.”

Religion is often an intimate thing for a lot of people, and it can be nerve wracking to stand in the main parking lot of Littleton High School, formally declaring one’s Christianity and love for Jesus for all who drive through or walk through that parking lot to see. However, for Olvera-Barajas, this was a way to share that she loves Jesus, and is not afraid to share Christ with others.

“I just loved everyone that I was around, and I was like ‘man, if Jesus is in the center of all of it, then I’d do this any day in front of anyone.’”