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Late start every Wednesday: a positive change to LHS

Littleton High School has now experienced six, one hour late start Wednesdays. Having school start at 8:20am once a day each week has been wonderful for many students, but not as great for others. For students like me who are in IB, participate in a sport, and work, the one hour late start has been a great way to catch up on a bit of much needed sleep.

I thoroughly enjoy having a one hour late start every Wednesday morning. Instead of waking up at 6:30, I am able to wake up at 7:30 which is super helpful since I don’t usually go to sleep until about midnight each night. 7.5 hours of sleep as opposed to 6.5 hours of sleep makes a big difference for me, in that it is easier to focus during class, perform better in cross country, and be more present at work. Sure, it was nice having late starts last year when school didn’t start until 9:15, but I never knew which Wednesdays were late starts, as they only happened once or twice each month. Having school start one hour later on a weekly basis gives me a routine I can rely on and a relief from having to wake up super early every single day.

The one thing that bums me out is when meetings are scheduled to start at 7:20 on Wednesday mornings. Groups such as Captain’s Council, IB, and others have started planning meetings on late start Wednesdays in order to not interfere with after school activities. This makes sense; however, I think that it is important to preserve late start Wednesdays for students to sleep in and receive much needed rest. As I said before, without that extra hour of sleep, I have trouble getting through the whole week with a happy, positive, lively attitude. Sure, some may say “1 extra hour of sleep each week is not going to help at all”, but I think it does help, more from a mental standpoint. On Tuesdays, when I am tired and know I still have to get through three more days of school, knowing the next day is a late start gives me the boost I need to continue pushing through.

There are some students who prefer two hour late starts once a twice a month, and there are other students who are simply early risers and like getting to school early. There are also parents who work, and it is hard for them to drop their kids off at school one hour later than usual. However, there are other students like me who appreciate these one hour late starts for each of the 60 minutes they are worth.