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“It” is making a comeback

“It” is a wonderful cinematic interpenetration of Stephen King’s 1986 novelIt’s a great movie that appeals highly to today’s audience, with comedy, nostalgia and a fear the original generation of “It” fans will not soon forget.

Although leaving out details from the original book as well as the original film, like when the story of the protagonists was told during their adult years, the film managed to tap into more sub-plots and small details not accounted for in the first film. Despite inaccuracies, there was definitely light-hearted comedy in places when watching a string of various social issues becomes too much for some watchers.

If one claims to be unafraid of clowns without having read the original novel or seen the first film, this new “It” will most definitely make you at least flinch every time you see a clown thereafter. For those who can handle the sight of large amounts of blood or social injustices that make many sick to their core, I fully suggest going to view this cinematographic masterpiece of horror film.