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Volleyball plays Wheat Ridge

The girls varsity volleyball lost to Wheat Ridge on Thursday evening. The varsity match started out with a lot of hype from the crowd and the challenge Wheat Ridge brought to Littleton.

Right off the bat, varsity faced the challenge of Wheat Ridges’ fast returns of the ball at high speeds. It was very close as the wins went back and forth.

The first win was taken by Littleton with a score 25-22. Littleton took a loss on the second game getting a score of 16 while Wheat Ridge got a score of 25 that time.

The third set was a close one with Wheat Ridge winning with a score of 27-25. The fourth match was won by Littleton with a second consecutive score of 25 and Wheat Ridge scored 19.

To wrap up the end of the total game, Wheat Ridge won the very last match with a score of 15 and Littleton getting a score of 7.

Wheat Ridge won a total of three matches and Littleton won two declaring Wheat Ridge the winners of the overall game.