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The Lost Cajun Restaurant finds a home in Littleton

Just off of Sante Fe is The Lost Cajun, an authentic Cajun Restaurant owned by a man from Louisiana.

The restaurant makes gumbo, seafood, Po boys, and beignets. I have tried several of the gumbos and love them all, but my favorite is the chicken and sausage gumbo.

My favorite item on the menu is the beignet bites, which has 10 small beignets for $5. They are delicious, easy to share, and highly addictive.

The restaurant has a very fun, casual atmosphere, and very welcoming and polite service. After talking with my kind waiter tonight, and found out that he lived right across from Littleton High School.

I highly recommend you try their food, especially if you are looking for something tasty on colder days.

You can stop by for lunch if you wanted, as it is only a seven minute drive from Littleton High School, or you can always grab some gumbo to go.