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Survivor Season 35

The time has come for yet another season of Survivor to air on television, this time for their 35th season. This seasons theme is Heroes vs. Hustlers vs. Healers.

Last season of Survivor was one of the craziest I’ve seen as far as contestants, so I’ve got high expectations for the cast on this season. Since there has only been one episode that’s aired, it’s kind of hard to tell if this season shows promise, but I think it has the huge potential to be a let down as opposed to last season.

The previous season, Game Changers, featured cast members from seasons before who stood out among others. Due to the cast from last season, it provided endless, unpredictable entertainment that I hadn’t seen in seasons prior. This season features people from the real world like firefighters, service members, doctors, and entrepreneurs. Since there has only been one episodes, there’s no way to tell if the new cast will provide as much entertainment as the previous season, but I don’t think they will.

The new cast seems like a group of people who work too well together to make the season interesting. My expectations are set low for the rest of the season, because of how well last season went. Hopefully the new cast will step up their game, but I’m a little doubtful to think that they will.