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Boys soccer victorious against D’Evelyn

On Wednesday night, the boys varsity soccer team played in an intense match against D’Evelyn High School. This senior night game resulted in a 2-0 win for the Lions who are ranked seventh in the state.

The first half was very fast paced, full of crisp passes from the Lions and plenty of headers by both teams. This precision led midfielder Ruben Cervantes to finally score the first goal about 20 minutes into the game.

As the boys continued to play aggressively, their hard work once again resulted in another goal with an assist from Cervantes and goal by Senior Evan Montgomery.

There were many close calls as the first half was coming to an end, but every time the  opposing team approached the goal, the defense stepped up and pressured their offense.

“They were a really good challenge,” said junior Kevin Gutierrez.

D’Evelyn intensified their pressure on the ball right as the second half started, but they were still not a match for the Lions. LHS certainly felt the pressure and made some fouls due to it. This caused the crowd to be a little on edge, since the fouls were always very close to the goal. However, senior goalkeeper Joe Girkin was there to block every single one of their attempts to score.

No goals were scored during the second half, but in the end, the Lions were very excited to have another win.

“ I think that we’re a very strong team but I don’t think we need to improve on anything, maybe keeping calm while we have a lead,” said Gutierrez.

The Lions have kept up their winning streak and continue to prepare for their upcoming games. With every win they get, the Lions feel more pressure to succeed. The undefeated title remains theirs as they get closer and closer to playoffs. 

Omar Serrano fighting for the ball

Nasr Ali Abid takes a free kick.

Ethan Schwarz going for a header