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Students support Rockies by wearing purple

All throughout the day, Littleton High School students celebrated the Rockies making it to the Wild Card game by wearing Rockies attire or the color purple. Several students showed enthusiasm and support for Colorado’s MLB team.

“I think we’re a pretty fun school, and we all participate, so it’s fun,” said freshman Elise Boorom when asked about the participation of LHS students wearing their Rockies gear.

Today marks the first day in 10 years (2007) that the Rockies have made it to the wild card round of MLB playoffs. The Rockies finished their regular season ranked third in National League (behind Dodgers and Diamondbacks) with a win loss record of 87-75.

“I’m super pumped because it doesn’t happen all that often, and I think that MLB playoffs are more exciting than any other [sport],” said junior Christian Sapakoff who plays varsity baseball and is a huge Rockies fan.

Several students had faith in believing the Rockies would win tonight. They played against the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix at 6:10pm. The Rockies battled hard in the high scoring game, but in the end, they lost 8-11.

“It is very disappointing that we got to this point and ended up wasting our season. Hopefully next year we can make the playoffs without having to go through the Wild Card,” said sophomore Seth Iken who is also on the varsity baseball team and attends several Rockies games each season.