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Boys’ tennis serve their way to state

On Wednesday, October 4th, the boys’ varsity team went to Pinehurst Country Club and Mullen High School to compete in the most important tournament of the season: regionals. The teams they played against were Mullen, Conifer, Discovery Canyon, Evergreen and George Washington.

In order to qualify for state, the boys had to place either first or second. Juniors Matt Friedberg and Ozzie Froelich won their first two matches, putting them in the championship. Despite losing their final match, they placed 2nd, qualifying them for state at 2 doubles.

“I feel relieved that no one, and I mean no one, can tell Matt and I we aren’t worthy of our position,” said Froelich.

Even though they faced a tough competition, Froelich’s mindset was positive the whole time, which he believes gave him the win.

“I think nothing is difficult as long as one believes it is not difficult. My partner and I believed that regionals would not be difficult going into our matches. Because of our beliefs it was, in fact, easy to qualify for state,” said Froelich.

Freshman Owen Baxter and Junior Sam Glaser won all of their matches, solidifying a first place win at 4 doubles. Despite losing to Discovery Canyon in the championship round, senior captain Ben Morris also qualified at second place at 2 singles.

“It feels great to make it to state. All my hard work I’ve put in since freshman year has finally paid off,” said Morris.

State will take place next Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Pueblo.

Junior Paul Schiebel poaches for a volley.