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Volleyball honors Breast Cancer Awareness in loss to Valor

On Thursday evening, the LHS girls volleyball team played against Valor Christian in an intriguing match. Unfortunately for the Lions, the game ended in a loss to Valor who is currently undefeated in league, winning in the first 3 sets.

The first set went relatively well for LHS with many impressive kills from both the Lions and the Eagles. The team battled very hard, but Valor seemed to come up with an answer for every attack.

“The first game went alright, because Valor is a very good team and we really tried hard, but they just ended up outplaying us,” said senior Maleia Holyfield.

During the second set Valor picked up the intensity of the play and despite the valiant effort from the girls on the Littleton squad, a response to the fast tempo couldn’t be produced.

“In the second game, we just seemed a little tired and made some unnecessary mistakes that led to some easy points for Valor,” said Holyfield.

What occurred before the beginning of the third set was what the night was really about, the honoring and remembrance of all of those who had fought breast cancer, and to commemorate those from the Littleton High School family who battled the disease. These members of the Littleton community were present at the game and were each given a rose and hug from a member of the squad.

“I think that it was important that we honored Breast Cancer awareness tonight because it’s a terrible disease and we need to respect and honor those who have fought it,” said Holyfield.

Once the third set began, Littleton tried to rally a comeback and force a fourth set but unluckily came up short.

Despite the loss tonight, the girls volleyball team remains proud and determined to win more games as the season progresses. The girls’ third and last home game, which will be senior night will be played on October 13 against Standley Lake.

Senior Kathryn Allee and junior Sophia Groustra gives hugs and roses to the Breast Cancer honorees at the game.


Littleton squad has fun and poses for a picture before the third set.


Littleton and Valor teams join in a prayer at the end of the game.