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A million ways to listen to new single “Million Ways”

The band Saving Forever released a new single and music video entitled “Million Ways” on August 11th. The song is a pop genre and has a cool guitar presence.

“Million Ways” begins with a vibey bass line, and builds into a high energy chorus with cool guitar riffs. The video portrays the rambunctious nature of the band, with them tearing it up in a funky karaoke bar and the audience going crazy, singing along in the mic.

The band is composed of teen brothers: 14 year old Khaden Harris, the lead vocalist and guitarist, 15 year old Kye Harrist, bass player and vocalist, and 16 year old Kavah Harris, guitarist and vocalist. Inspired by Ozzy Osbourne and Twenty One Pilots, Saving Forever taught themselves how to play instruments in their living room. Their first demo was sent to Epic Records. After one incredible showcase, the label signed the band.

Personally, I am not a fan of the song. It is definitely similar to the songs that would be found in the top twenty hits. I don’t like the peppy and popish vibes of the song, but if you like to listen to pop’s top twenty, I strongly recommend checking this out.

“Million Ways” is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. The music video can be watched on YouTube.