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History made by Lion Pride Marching Band

Today, Saturday, October 7, our lion pride marching band participated in the Pomona Invitational at the Northern Area Athletic Complex located in Arvada. Twenty-four bands participate in this competition and our lion pride marching band scored the highest they have ever scored in Littleton history.

“We scored a 70.8 this competition. To put some context to that, it’s out of 100 and last week we scored a 59.95. Bands usually only go up one to three points each week, so it was really exciting for us” said  senior drum major Anna Matl.

Our band placed seventh overall in prelims. They have placed higher in previous competitions, but this will definitely be one to remember.

“This performance has to be one of my favorites this year. There was tons of emotions at once because there are parts in the show that I lose myself in and become one with the people around me,” adds Matl.

The band will be performing on Monday, October 16th at regionals.