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Repealing the second amendment will do nothing | Opinion

Mass shootings have always been a problem all over the world. Following these tragic events, the topic commonly debated is gun control and if American citizens should have the right to bear arms.

After the Las Vegas shooting happened a little over a week ago, I did a lot of research into how there were so many deaths and injuries. What I found was pretty alarming. The shooter had over 1,600 rounds of ammunition, which unnerved me. This concerned me because his intentions must have been a lot worse than what he actually was capable of doing, which is scary enough.

After doing this extensive research, I could only think about how one person could have that many rounds of ammunition accessible to them? Something that really got my attention was the fact that just in the past month, the shooter bought 33 firearms.

This for sure is a problem. It is in fact too easy for some random person to get a gun. At the very minimum, there should be tougher background checks put into place so the wrong person doesn’t get a gun in their hand as easily.

I am aware that someone could buy a gun off the black market or steal one, but it would be less convenient for a person who is trying to collect numerous amounts of guns, like Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, for example.

With that being said, if the second amendment was repealed, how would it be moral to take away what has been a right for over 200 years? Especially when it something a lot of people value to have in a non-harmful way?

By repealing the second amendment, the only thing that would be taken away from people is convenience for those who have good or bad intentions with a gun. As mentioned before, there are other outlets such as the black market or the option of theft, for example, for people to get a gun.

There also is a theory that crime rates would go down. Hearing that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. If anything, crime would go up since people out there would resist to the repeal and simply break a law in order to get a gun. In some circumstances, the intentions of the person would be so bad that they would be willing to commit two crimes instead of just one.

When people do not like a new law or change, they tend to resist. Sometimes with protests (which is also a right), but also with acts of violence. Mass shootings could go up as an act of resistance on behalf of the people who are just crazy, but also gun toters who are angry that their right was revoked.

Concerts and other large gatherings tend to be a huge target for terrorist attacks. Back in May, there was a bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in England. There were no guns involved, just bombs. No matter what, there will be violence in this world against the public.