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Senior Alex Green takes on a new role in The Crucible

This Thursday and Friday at 7 pm the Littleton Theater Department is putting on The Crucible, a play about the Salem Witch Trials.

The lead role is John Proctor, who is played by Alexander Green, a senior. Green has been in the theater program all four years.

Although he has been a part of many shows, Green says this is the first time he has been in a role as a dramatic character.

Green says the audience can expect a different type of show from what they have seen in the past.

“In the past we’ve done a lot of comedies, a lot of light hearted shows, this one’s a lot more horror-esc and serious and down to earth,” said Green.

The Salem Witch Trials are a part of history that not everyone is comfortable talking about. Green says the cast has had to work hard to overcome this challenge in order to accurately portray the story to the audience.

“The Crucible in specific was about the red scare at the time where people who talked about it where shut down because of the impact it had on the world at that time, but in great American Literature and great plays like The Crucible and how timeless they are, it’s a lot of just conveying the story that they originally created. The effects that it had long ago can also have a really big impact on our lives today and how you learn from it, so it is important to really feed into that, to show the audience to believe it, to have that same impact,” said Green.

Green is one of many students who participate in the theater program at LHS. He is very passionate about acting and hopes to pursue it as a career.

“Acting is just one of those things that feels so natural just to go on stage. It’s so fulfilling to hear the appreciation from people because instead of going into a profession where I feel like it will help me live, it’s like I’m going into a profession that that’s the reason why I want to live,” said Green.