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What to do this Friday the 13th weekend

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th and because it happens to fall in October, there is an added spookiness factor. I am not a fan of scary things at all, but in the spirit of tomorrow, here are some fantastic things to do this weekend.

Go see the LHS Mane Stage Theatre’s show, “The Crucible.” It is only $5 for students and student council is giving out cupcakes for people who bought tickets. This excellent production is perfect for Friday the 13th as it is about all the hysteria surrounding the Salem witch trials in the 1600’s. You can read more about the play here.

Some haunted houses worth the visit are the 13th Floor located at 3400 E. 52nd Ave or The Asylum at 6100 E. 39th Ave. Both are terrifying and I would recommend buying your ticket in advance/getting there early because especially for this weekend, lines can get extremely long.

Another awesome Halloween attraction are corn mazes. The Denver Botanical Gardens has a corn maze in Chatfield that has pumpkins and family friendly attractions during the day, but by night it turns into a haunted corn maze.

One of my favorites is zombie paintball at Anderson Farms. It is definitely a bit of drive as it is Erie, but it is well worth it. They do have Terror in the Corn, but the zombie paintball is one of its kind in Colorado. It is especially great for people who aren’t keen on scary people popping out and grabbing you. The participants have paintball guns and sit on a wagon and shoot zombies as the wagon drives. One piece of advice would be maybe don’t shoot yourself in the leg(that didn’t happen to me or anything), but other than that it is a thrill.