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Another win for our Lions football team

On Thursday night, our Littleton Lions football team took the win against the Palmer Terrors with the score of 27-12, giving LHS another win for the season.

The first half of the game was a tough battle for both teams. The first touchdown was made by the Terrors within the last minutes of the first quarter. The Lions quickly reacted with strong offense and were able to make a touchdown in return by senior Matthew Norwood plus the two extra points they went for, something that the Terrors were not able to do. With the second quarter winding down, the Lions offense was very strong and fought their way into the end zone to get yet another touchdown made by junior Dominic Bozonier. The battle of the first half ended with the score of 13-6, Lions in the lead.

The second half was the most energetic part for LHS. The beginning was a bit of a rough start, though.

“In the beginning of the second quarter, we weren’t able to move the ball very well, the offensive line was kind of lulled to sleep off that high from the first half” said senior captain Jaxon Enzminger.

But even with the slow start at the beginning, the last quarter brought two more touchdowns by Norwood. The crowd went wild and the energy was felt with all the cheering for the victory the Lions fought for.

“I think we played really really well. Everyone on the offensive line kind of came together this week and figured out what we needed to do to be able to give Matt a couple of those runs. Matt played like he always does with 100% effort every play and he kinda led us to this win,” added Enzminger. 

The tough battle was all worth it for the Lions to obtain another win.

The next game for LHS will be next Friday, October 20 against Vista Ridge.

Littleton player fights for the ball.

Poms cheer on the lions for their win.

Isiah Reimer ready for the ball.

Team celebrates their victory.