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(I can’t wait ’til we’re all) Friends From College

Have you ever wondered what ivy league grads do after they graduate? Can they all be successful intellectuals? The new television series “Friends From College” tells the story about a group of Harvard alumni that reunite twenty years later.

The series is about a group of six college friends approaching their forties. They have all gone different directions and feel trapped in adulthood, whether it’s with kids, mortgages, expensive cars, etc. However, after reuniting many years later, they all seem to have the same level of maturity they had when they all met in college.

The series starts off with Ethan, played by Keegan-Michael Key, who has become an author. He moves back to New York with his wife, Lisa, played by Cobie Smulder. Their situation seems similar to a freshman moving to college, as they’re driving in a U-Haul truck and temporarily live on a pullout couch in an apartment their friend Marianne, played by Jae Suh Park, rents. We also learn that Ethan is having an affair with his and Lisa’s friend, Sam, played by Annie Parisse, and it has been going on for twenty years. To make this even more dramatic, Sam is married to John, played by Greg Germann, who is also friends with the pair.

The show is messy and awkward. Every episode has a random plot line and focuses an unnecessary amount of time on stupid drama. The character’s lives are also a mess and it seems like their all trying to do the absolute worst things to each other.

“Friend From College” is labelled as a comedy series, though it comes off as more dramatic and tragic. Already in the first four episodes, characters destroy public property, are arrested for public fornication, and murder a pet. All of them continue to cause more drama and unnecessarily blow up their lives, rather than focus on fixing their situations and show any form of personal growth.

In every episode, tt appears like the director was trying to fill too much drama in such little time, which makes it seem a little messy. Also, the series is a little hard to watch because all the characters are horrible people, but their all too ignorant to think they are.

This new series was put on Netflix on July of 2017. There are a total of eight episodes in season one. Even though no episodes have come out since, the series has been renewed for a second season. The date it will be released is unknown.