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“Almost like Praying:” a song with a good cause

“Almost like Praying” is a song by many artists who want to support Puerto Rico in their time of need. Lin- Manuel Miranda wrote the song and is behind the idea of including as many artists as possible. Artists like Jennifer Lopez, Camila Cabello, Marc Anthony,  Luis Fonsi, Gina Rodriguez, and many more participated. It’s an inspirational song that does more than just get you up and dancing, it provides hurricane relief to the island in need of desperate help.

This song is very original and has a lot of meaning behind it. Miranda really wanted to write a piece that he knew he would be proud of. He knew that writing a song about Puerto Rico alone would not be enough, so he found a way to include every city on the island, in an upbeat way.

At first, the title of the song confused me, but I soon found out that Miranda titled it this way because he knew that simply liking a post on Facebook in support of hurricane relief was not enough. A song was needed about every city on the island, because there wasn’t a single person or home that was not affected by this disaster.

So if you’re looking into learning all of the cities in Puerto Rico in a fun way while also supporting this great cause. I suggest you give this song a listen.