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It’s all just Hocus Pocus!

Halloween is fast approaching and to get in the spirit I decided to watch a Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus. Even though the movie came out in 1993, it was my first time watching it. Shockingly enough, I was pleasantly surprised. The movie’s sarcastic slap stick humor seems to have aged timelessly in the last 24 years and gave me some good laughs.

The plot of the movie is relatively simplistic, with two teenagers, a younger sister and an immortal cat who are tasked with getting rid of three witches whose goal is to suck the life out of every children in Salem on Halloween night after being reincarnated 300 years after their death. No matter the lack of intricacy in the plot, the film has a fun family vibe with a nostalgic feel to it.

With this film, I think that it is a nice break from all the other movies that tend to be released in this Halloween season. I would much rather watch this quirky, nostalgic film than a horror film where I don’t watch half of it. This film is a classic, and I don’t believe it will be the last time I will be watching Hocus Pocus.