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The Taco Bell cheesy bean and rice burrito is a party in your mouth

I don’t know about everyone else, but there is a ton of change in my cup holder in my car. What is a better way to put it to use other than for a cheesy bean and rice burrito (my personal preference) from Taco Bell? Maybe two if you are feeling adventurous.

Being a vegetarian, this option is phenomenal when you are needing food that is quick and won’t take longer than five minutes to prepare.

With the cheesy bean and rice burrito, there are a variety of fillers. Rice for example, is not very common in fast food burritos, but is very filling with beans. With the rice being included, it allows the flavor of the cheese to actually be more noticeable.

I prefer the cheesy bean and rice burrito over the regular bean and cheese burrito, that isn’t available at Taco Bell, but is available at Del Taco. It tastes better, so it doesn’t matter that Taco Bell doesn’t serve it.

Just a bean and cheese burrito isn’t as enjoyable because it mostly takes like beans and tortilla.

Another great part of the cheesy bean and rice burrito is that it is featured on the dollar craving menu, allowing you to pay in coins rather than bills. Now you won’t have all the loose change you have had for two years sitting in your vehicle or bedroom!

Looking back to when I ate meat and was a fan of the chicken quesadilla or beefy cheese burrito, I would still stick with cheesy bean and rice burrito because it leaves me with a healthier feeling once I am finished.

Overall, this burrito really gives you your money’s worth and has enough flavor to where it isn’t basic and boring.