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Sriracha, more like Chili Verde

Marteen (no last name) released a single on July  21. However the hot “Sriracha” took until now to leak into the limelight, and once it did it made a big splash. Marteen is a Brooklyn based 16 year old. This is his second single and was truly a collaboration between him and new producer, J.R. Rotem.

Marteen draws on most modern pop music to make the song, drawing from recent artists such as Chris Brown, Lil Yachty and  David Tran. The song details his girl called “little racha” and he seems to think she is fire. The song fits into the category of sauces, as in the beat and background much overshadows the actual lyrics. Marteen uses heavy autotune to sing about this girl, who of course could be any girl listening to the song at that moment.

All in all, Marteen’s new single is a lot like real “Siracha.” It follows a set recipe and is a lot like the same song that you can hear from most emerging artists in the pop scene right now. The song doesn’t paint any identity for Marteen, it is generally generic and safe. Although this is just the beginning of this Brooklyn 16 year old’s career, if he wants to rise to higher level he needs to be willing to take a risk and develop his own voice. In other words: If Marteen wants to be taken seriously he needs to learn to risk it for the biscuit.