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Olivia Holt’s new single is a bop

One of our favorite former Disney stars Olivia Holt has made the move to music after finishing her time with Disney channel.

She has released many songs in her career, and her music was shown in a new way with each song. I am personally a fan of her music.

Her newest single ‘Generous’ is very good. It has a unique beat and flow that does not sound the same as every other hip hop song out there. When first listening to the song, I was a little confused and thought it was about romance. I went ahead and watched the music video and the whole concept of the song started to make more sense. Sometimes I got caught up with the beat and rhythm of the song and didn’t always pay attention to the words.

With the title being ‘Generous’ it would be easy to think she was being generous to herself after watching the music video. I say that because she disguised herself as a maid, then took the key to a visitors room and tried on their clothes. Making it seem like she was treating herself.

Overall, I really enjoy the song and think it is something different than other common artists around Holt’s age. The music video just seems to clash with what I understood to be the meaning of the song. I am not dragging her taste, but struggle to see her artistic vision with this one. To be honest, this maybe on my repeat for a week or two.