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Boys soccer win first playoff game

On Wednesday, October 25th, our Littleton Varsity soccer team played their first playoff round against Skyview and won 4-1.

With a cheering crowd, the team played strong. The boys have had a very strong season, only losing one game against Valor, and are planning to carry their success into the next game.

In the first half, we were playing strong and made two goals. Skyview was also able to score a goal, making the score 2-1 at the end of the half. We had great offense and defense and they stayed strong during the half. There were tons of people throughout the stands full of cheer and excitement every time we made a goal.

By the second half, the bleachers were almost packed filled with students and teachers. The lions scored another two points and crushed Skyview.

It was a great playoffs game for the lions and let’s hope to see them continue moving forward.

Currently, the team is ranked 23rd in the state, while Skyview is 55. The team is hoping their effort and spirit will keep them going through the rest of playoffs.