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Band receives highest score ever at state tournament

On Friday, October 27th and Saturday, October 28th, the band went to the Air Force Stadium to compete in the state tournament.

Friday was the quarterfinals. The band received a score of 72.9 which is the highest score Littleton has ever achieved. This incredible feat put the band ahead of Heritage and Bear Creek, who previously were ahead of them. The band finished 5th at quarterfinals, putting the band in 11th overall.

“We obviously scored better than in the past because a 72.9 made history as the highest score ever by the band,” said senior assistant drum major Natalie Schoenhals.

On Saturday, they returned to the Stadium to compete in semifinals. The band did not do as well, receiving a 70.0, but this score is still  very good overall.

“A 70 is still good because normally scores stay the same or go down, so we were glad we a kept a 70 and held our spot,” said Schoenhals.

By scoring a 70, the band received 11th out of all the 4A bands in the state.

Schoenhals believes their overwhelming success in comparison to previous years was due to the consistent dedication of the band.

“I think that this season was really different. Our band is known for losing motivation in October, but that didn’t happen this year,” said Schoenhals.

Furthermore, the head drum major, senior Anna Matl, and Schoenhals worked harder than in previous years to keep the band in line. Schoenhals owes their success to the dedication from the band and the extra work from the drum majors.

“We enforced more discipline and kept people focused throughout rehearsal and through the month. I think we found the balance between fun and focus,” said Schoenhals.