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Choir gleefully sings in the fall concert

This evening, the choirs performed their fall show to showcase what they have been working on for the past few months in class.

The choirs that performed were Vocal Jazz, Manwich, Troubadours, Syrens, Women’s Ensemble and Concert Choir. The orchestra and jazz band performed tonight as well, with the jazz band collaborating with the jazz choir.

The choirs performed a mix of beautiful, melodic tunes and more jazzy beats.

“‘Sitvit’ was my favorite song to perform because it’s fluid and beautiful. It’s easy to get caught up in its beauty,” said senior Kylie Griggs.

Despite preparing in class, the choir still felt like they were not ready for the concert.

“I was very surprised at how well it went given that just this morning we were very unprepared. We didn’t know a lot of the words and just really didn’t sound that great and got lost a lot. And Mr. Farrell sure did get angry!” said Griggs.

However, they worked a little in class, which helped them pull out a great concert despite feeling worried before hand.

“We learned the song in class and Mr. Farrell directed us to make sure we actually went somewhere beyond the notes and rhythms on the page in front of us,” said Griggs.

Mr. Farrell also came up with a few strategies to aid in preparing harder for this annual event.

“We split up in sectionals to prepare and practice in smaller groups. We also worked on musicianship so learning the music would be easier,” said Griggs.

Even though the choir was nervous about how their performance would go and felt unprepared the day of, they were able to pull out a successful and well organized ensemble.