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Soccer scores another win in playoffs

On Tuesday, October 31st, the boys’ soccer team celebrated this special holiday in another playoff game against Kennedy High School, who was seeded number two in the league. Luckily, the boys were able to pull out yet another solid win.

Two shots were scored in the first half by LHS. Senior Ethan Shwartz scored the first quickly in the start of the half. The boys kept up the pressure and intensity and were able to get another goal by junior Ruben Cervantes Cabada. However, towards the end of the half, they started to play more defensive and lowered their pressure on the other team, allowing Kennedy to break their defensive line and score a few minutes before the end of the half.

In the second half, the boys picked it back up again.

“In the second half, we matched our intensity with theirs. As a team, we played solid for the entirety of the half,” said senior Michael Melton.

Senior Zach Maguire scored the third goal in the last minute of the game. This shot was especially exciting because Kennedy’s goalie, out of anger, was constantly leaving his post, allowing for the shot to be made from further down the field on an open goal.

Right after Maguire scored the final goal, Kennedy’s goalie received a red card for arguing with the referee and was kicked out of the game for the final minute.

After having a solid win over the number two seed, the boys are feeling good about their next playoff game.

“Overall, I felt good about how we played and about our season. I’m hoping we can keep up this same intensity for the rest of the playoffs,” said Melton.

Because of their win against Kennedy, the team is now in the top eight within the 4A league. Their next game is this Saturday against Centaurus High School, the number seven seed.