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The purpose of Lion Pride Preview

As we all know, the LPS district consists of three high schools, Littleton, Arapahoe and Heritage. A majority of the students who have grown up in Littleton since elementary or middle school have a very important choice as to what high school they would like to attend, regardless of which one is an individual’s ‘home school’.

Each year, eighth graders come from all over the metro area and even further out to try and get an idea if Littleton may be a good fit for them. All of the clubs, sports teams and faculty contribute to help the eighth graders get a good feeling if the school is a good fit for them. Not only does Lion Pride Preview serve as a summary of what LHS is about, but it serves as a reminder for current LHS students of who we are as a student body. Each table that is setup has the opportunity to share their voice with the soon to be high schoolers that will make the future of LHS.

        “I think Littleton is super inclusive and we have such a variety of sports and clubs and so I think either way someone (eighth graders) that young will find a place and a home at Littleton and I think that they will really like it and feel like one big family,” said senior Kellie Roth.

Deciding where you go to school is a big part of each and everyone’s future. A school is what is made up of it, the students, teachers, faculty, principals, etc.  The values that the community has is what makes the school.

Well actually, my sister came here but she actually toured Heritage, Arapahoe and Littleton and she just said the vibe at Littleton was very friendly and everyone was super   welcoming,” Roth notes.  

I would like it to be noted that this article is not to demean or deprecate the two other High schools, Heritage and Arapahoe. There are a numerous amount of students that are acquainted or are friends with students at Heritage or Arapahoe.

Each high school’s pride preview nights are to show what each high school has to offer and what you will find at each school, not to show why each school is better than the other. It varies on the individual if that school is what meets their needs.