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The holiday season is a true test

With Halloween ending, people start having the realization that Thanksgiving is four weeks away and Christmas is roughly eight weeks away. I have noticed over the years that mindsets and attitudes towards other people tend to change during this time.

As a society, we all in our own way don’t realize that our personalities shine. A lot of people in our society who don’t like to give or just feel obligated to be a part of things are not happy for other reasons.

I am one to try and give to other people all year round but as of recently I realized that I get more hesitant to be “giving too much” in the spring, summer, or fall because it isn’t the time of year our society has been conditioned to give and receive whether that be gifts or love.

I try my hardest to give love and spread it everyday instead of waiting for a special occasion that a majority of people all over the world reside by.

To help give a scenario that would help give a visual on what I mean is giving out pizza for example. Say it were Christmas day and I decided to help another person out by buying pizzas and pass out slices to the homeless. Passers-by would be surprised or confused if it were happening any other time of year, but since it is Christmas that means it is okay to “over do” it.

People who truly enjoy doing good deeds wouldn’t just do the good deeds once a year. I think this is just an important thing for us as people to think about. The purpose of this opinion piece is to get readers thinking about the core values that we as a society have. I am in no way singling out those who find it weird to give at other parts of the year.

I have thought for years that it was only okay to give as much as I would like to give at that specific time of year.

At other times of the year opposite of November and December, there isn’t only the stigma of giving but with talking to others. This doesn’t apply to a certain area of the U.S by any means. If it was Christmas day or Thanksgiving day, you could talk to someone and there wouldn’t be that automatic tension by our stranger danger mindsets.

During the holiday seasons we subconsciously break down barriers between one another and treat each other with what seems like undying respect and unconditional love from a stranger.